Workin’ Hard

Comics Poem Alexander Rothman Filled Up Detail


Here’s a detail from a piece I just finished & that will hopefully soon have a good home.


I recently put together and participated in a roundtable discussion with Paul Tunis, Bianca Stone, and Gary Sullivan. You can read it over at The Rumpus. (There are also plenty of examples from all our work illustrating it.)


We’ve started having guests on Comics for Grownups. The first to join us was Tom Hart, who talked about the Sequential Artists Workshop and his new work.


Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, James Romberger just said that Linen Ovens, the book I did with Andrea Tsurumi, Molly Brooks, and Keren Katz, was his favorite book from Grand Comics Festival! High praise both for its source and how much great work there was at the festival.





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