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First, let me ask a favor that will only take a few seconds, but will provide a huge help. Some of you know that I record a comics-review podcast with my friend Joshua Malbin, Comics for Grownups. We’ve recently hit 1,700 subscribers and we want to use the momentum to keep building the show. The next step is to request advance review copies from publishers. The more good reviews we have on iTunes, the easier it will be to convince them. If you’re a satisfied listener, please follow this link and leave some positive feedback.


Second, I’m thrilled that you can read my latest piece in full over at The Rumpus. (If you’re feeling particularly generous, you could pair a podcast review on iTunes with some feedback for that comic in the Rumpus’s comments section.)


Finally, I’m shifting my focus toward more traditional venues for my work, like journals and anthologies. As such, this site will become less blog-like and more of a general showcase. More on that front soon.





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