So much to report! We’re back from SPX, which reminded us what a warm community supports this grueling, often solitary vocation.


The online store is finally open. I’m especially pleased with the new mini/chapbook. $7.50 gets you 24 full-color pages of comics poetry on heavy paper; this first printing is a numbered edition of 50. The work really benefits from this presentation, and I’d love for you to go check it out.


I’m now posting once a week on Thursdays. The previous schedule was great for building up momentum, but this way I can focus on some longer pieces. Also, people unanimously preferred a sequential presentation over the slideshows I had been using—so I went back and converted older pieces.


Finally, there are two new places to see my work. I’ve shared my piece “Processing” with the folks over at Land That I Live; they’ve got a cool thing going on and you should go take a look. I’ve also started a Tumblr called Fighting Teeth, where I’ll basically post everything that isn’t comics poetry: sketchbook entries, cartoons, portraits of ridiculous animals—you name it.




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