New York Comics and Picture-Story Symposium Talk

I spent the last week frantically preparing for my presentation at the New York Comics and Picture-Story Symposium, so there’s no new piece for today. (Check back on Thursday.)


Thanks to everyone who came out for the presentation, and special thanks to Paul K. Tunis and Bianca Stone, who were kind enough to join me onstage for a brief reading at the end.  Paul even allowed some of his (truly fantastic) new work to debut at the talk. The image above is a detail from one of Paul’s new pieces. Many thanks also to Peter Quach for facilitating, and to Robert Berry for a fascinating look at his own work and the potential for comics within the digital humanities.


I did manage to record the event. If I can clean up the audio and get permissions to display  the various work form the slideshow, I’ll post it here or on a separate page.


The talk touched on work by the following artists and critics (in alphabetical order by last name): Derik Badman, Tamryn BennettJoe Brainard, Rob CloughAaron Cockle, Warren Craghead, Edwin Denby, Kenward Elmslie, John Hankiewicz, Tom Hart, George Herriman, Austin Kleon, Aidan Koch, Kenneth Koch, Matt Madden, Simon Moreton, Leland Myrick, Kenneth Patchen, li’l ol’ me, Frank Santoro, Seth, Charles Schulz, Bianca StoneGary Sullivan, and Paul Tunis. Time was my enemy, and I wish I could have included many others.


Along those lines, I should also add that I’ve begun putting together a bibliography of comics poetry. It’s a fool’s errand, since I don’t really believe in drawing bright lines between what does and doesn’t count—and this work crosses borders by its very nature. Right now I’m casting a wide net while I put off developing a criteria for inclusion. If you have thoughts about said criteria, or about practitioners who should be included, hit me up in the comments, on twitter, or via email.


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